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Castle Blank

“White Castle”
La Forteresce Bliant, Castle of Maidens, Castle of the Mere

La Forteresce Bliant is often depicted as a beautiful and mysterious castle surrounded by a white or silver wall, hence its name “White Castle.” It is known for its enchantments and the presence of numerous noble and beautiful maidens.

In some Arthurian romances, including the prose romance Lancelot-Grail (also known as the Vulgate Cycle), the White Castle serves as a place where knights undertake quests or tests of chivalry. Knights, such as Lancelot or Gawain, are often drawn to the castle and encounter adventures or challenges within its walls.

The White Castle is often associated with purity, chastity, and the ideals of courtly love. The maidens within the castle are seen as paragons of virtue and are often used as tests or temptations for knights to prove their loyalty and honor.