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Cardef, Cardeuyle, Caerdyv, Cardiff, Cardel, Cardeul, Cardil, Cardoel, Cardoell, Cardoil, Cardol, Cardole, Carduel en Gales, Caredif, Caridoel, Carlion en Galles, Carlioun, Kaerdif, Kardeuyle, Kardoel, Kardoil, Kardueil, Karduel, Karedol, Karidoel, Karidol, Kardyval, Karradigant

One of the locations frequently named as Arthur’s palace, or residence, or capital, particularly in continental literature. It is almost certainly a variation of Carlisle in Cumberland, although Cardueil’s location is often given as Wales or Brittany.

It was the home of Do de Carduel (Sir Girflet’s father, whom Malory confusingly calls ‘Cardol’), Arthur’s niece Lore of Cardueil, and Arthur’s knights Asgares the Sad and Briamont.

Under ArthurMeliant administered the city. In Arthour and Merlin, it is the site of the first battle between Arthur and the rebelling kings – a skirmish which the Vulgate Merlin places at Caerleon.

In the prior Livre d’ArtusKing Urien torches the city during the rebellion. Arthur rebuilds it, only to have the Saxon King Arrant burn the city again.

According to the romance of Yder, it was the birthplace of Sir Yder and was outside Arthur’s kingdom.

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