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Castell Syberw

“Proud Castle”

Castell Syberw is a magnificent and imposing castle, located in the Wastes of Cornwall, a desolate and dangerous region. The castle is inhabited by a proud and fierce warrior known as the Earl of the Castle, who challenges knights to single combat.

In the story, Peredur encounters Castell Syberw during his journey as a knight. He engages in combat with the Earl and defeats him, ultimately taking possession of the castle and becoming its ruler.

The castle’s name, “Syberw” or “Proud,” reflects the character and nature of the castle and its inhabitants. It represents a significant test for Peredur, challenging him to prove his worth as a knight and overcome the proud warrior who holds sway over the castle. As with many elements in the Mabinogion and Arthurian literature, Castell Syberw in Peredur serves as a symbolic setting that represents the trials and challenges faced by the hero. It highlights the themes of knightly prowess, honor, and the triumph of virtue over arrogance.

– Castell is the Welsh word for ‘castle’, a residence which is fortified. It derives from the Latin castellum, meaning a bastion tower or small fortification, which the Welsh adopted in the form of castell.

Peredur | 13th century