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Castle of Marvels

Chastel de la Mervoille, Schastel Marveile

A castle in Galloway, first found in the First Continuation of Chrétien’s Perceval. It is identical to Chrétien’s Canguin Rock and Heinrich von dem Türlin’s Salie.

It was inhabited by several ladies related to Arthur and Gawain, including Arthur’s mother (Igraine or Arnive), Arthur’s sister and Gawain’s mother (Morgawse or Sangive), and Arthur’s nieces and Gawain’s sisters (ClarissantItonje, and Cundrie).

Wolfram says that the castle was built by Clinschor the Sorcerer (Klingsor). It contained several adventures, including the Perilous Bed. Gawain journeyed to the castle in the companionship of the Lady Orgeluse (Orguelleuse of Logres), braved the Perilous Bed, and broke the castle’s enchantments. Gawain became the castle’s lord. The Livre d’Artus says that Merlin brought Igerne to live there, and that Pellinore also retired there.

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