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Castle of the Door

Chastel du Port

A castle visited by Gawain, who learned that the castle’s residents were under attack by Gernemant of Northumberland.

Gernemant had asked the castle’s lord for the hand of his daughter. When the castellan refused, Gernemant said that if the castellan did not provide a champion in a year, he would take the maiden by force and give her to his vilest stable boys. Gawain arrived just before the year was out, championed the castellan, and slew Gernemant. Gawain fell in love with the maiden, but she would not believe him when he revealed his identity.

After Gawain left the castle, the maiden went to Arthur’s court, and upon receiving confirmation that her savior was truly Gawain, remained there to wait for him. They were joyously reunited at the end of Gawain’s adventures and became lovers.

Meriadeuc or Le Chevalier aux Deux Épées | c. 1225-1250