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Chartres is a historic city located in north-central France.

Geoffrey says that Chartres was ruled under Arthur by Guerin of Chartres. Guerin brought the Twelve Peers of the Gauls to pay homage to Arthur at his coronation.

Chartres | 0 to the 9th century AD

Roman Period and Early Christian Era
Chartres, known as Autricum in Roman times, was an important town during the Roman Empire. It served as a center for trade and commerce, with evidence of Roman structures and settlements.

Early Christian Era and the Early Cathedral
With the spread of Christianity, Chartres became an Episcopal see in the late Roman period and played a significant role in the religious life in the region. The early Christian presence is reflected in the establishment of a bishopric. The construction of the early Chartres Cathedral began in the fourth century, and it went through multiple renovations and expansions over the centuries. The cathedral became a symbol of religious and architectural significance.

Merovingian and Carolingian Periods | 5th – 9th centuries
The fall of the Western Roman Empire marked the beginning of the medieval period. The Merovingian dynasty ruled the Frankish Kingdom during the early medieval centuries. The ninth century saw the rise of the Carolingian dynasty, with Charlemagne as a prominent figure. Chartres became part of the Carolingian Empire, which aimed to revive elements of Roman civilization.

Viking Raids
Like many other European regions during the ninth century, Chartres experienced Viking raids along the Seine River. These raids were part of broader Viking incursions into Francia.

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