Nightbringer | The Arthurian Online Encyclopedia


There are several Chastels mentioned in the Vulgate and I’ve listed some of them here.

  1. Chastel, le
    “… pres le Pont Sous Aigue“, where Lancelot’s companions pass the night.
  2. Chastel, le
    Owned by Hector’s uncle.
  3. Chastel, le
    In a forest. A tournament between white and black knights takes place here.
  4. Chastel, le
    Galahad and Perceval’s sisters rest here.
  5. Chastel, le
    Where Li Rous de la Falois carries Maiden with the Harp, sister of Helaes.
  6. Chastel, le
    A “strong and very becoming” castle.