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Church of the Tombs

On his way with “Portia” to the Sword Bridge in GoreLancelot came to a pleasantly situated church with a walled cemetery. Leaving the damsel to watch the horses, he went in and prayed. On his way out, he met an aged monk who showed him the cemetery, which held splendid but still empty tombs inscribed for the men who would eventually lie there: GawaineLouisYwaine, and so on.

Most magnificient of all was a new marble sarcophagus with a lid that would require seven strong men to lift it, as the monk assured the knight – only he who was destined to free the foreign prisoners of Gore could lift it unaided. Lancelot promptly lifted it unaided, asked who was to lie here, and recieved the logical enough reply that it was eventually to entomb the man who freed the prisoners of Gore.

One can assume that this church eventually became the abbies listed under Abbey of the Adventuerous Shield and Abbey of the Burning Tomb.