Connaught, Cúige Chonnacht

One of the four provinces of Ireland, located in the western part of the island. A king in the seventh century was Guaire Aidne.

Connacht | 400-600 AD

Connacht was home to various kingdoms and dynasties that vied for power and territory. The dominant dynasty during this period was the Uí Fiachrach, which claimed descent from Fiachrae, a legendary figure. Like other Irish kingdoms, Connacht was engaged in territorial expansion and conflicts with neighboring kingdoms. These conflicts were often driven by the desire to control valuable resources, trade routes, and cattle herds, which were crucial for the economy and social status of the time.

During this period, Christianity spread in Ireland, experiencing Celtic Christianity. Monastic settlements, such as those founded by Saint Patrick and his followers, played an essential role in spreading Christianity in the region.