Eildon Hills

Rhymer’s Glen, Thomas the Rhymer’s Glen

The Eildon Hills are a group of three prominent hills near the town of Melrose in the Scottish Borders. The hills are known for their distinctive triple peaks and have been the subject of various legends and folklore.

According to a local tradition, King Arthur did not die but was instead taken to a magical sleep or enchanted state. He is said to rest in a hidden chamber beneath the Eildon Hills, awaiting the time when he will awaken and return to lead his people once more.

The Eildon Hills have long been associated with fairies and other supernatural beings. Local folklore tells of the Fairy Queen and her court, who are said to reside in hidden chambers within the hills. It is believed that the hills were once the site of many fairy revels and enchanting gatherings.

According to legend, Thomas the Rhymer was a thirteenth century bard and prophet who was said to possess the gift of poetic prophecy. The story goes that Thomas encountered the Queen of Elfland (also known as the Fairy Queen) in Rhymer’s Glen, which lies in the Eildon Hills.

There is a legend that once upon a time, the Eildon Hills were home to a magical tree known as the Eildon Tree. This tree was said to be enormous and had mystical properties. It was believed that anyone who could climb to the top of the tree and make a wish would have their wish granted. However, the Eildon Tree vanished under mysterious circumstances, leaving only the three distinctive hills behind.

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