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The correct Gaelic name for Ireland.

According to legend, the Sons of Míl Éspáine, also known as the Milesians or the Gaels, are legendary figures in Irish mythology. The Milesians are said to be the final wave of invaders to settle in Ireland, according to the medieval Irish texts known as the Lebor Gabála Érenn (“The Book of Invasions”).

When the Milesians arrived in Ireland from Spain and encountered the Tuatha Dé Danann, a divine and magical people already inhabiting the land, negotiations took place. The Milesians sought to settle peacefully, and during the discussions, the goddess Ériu, along with her sisters Banba and Fódla, appeared to gree the Milesians.

In some versions of the myth, each goddess made a promise to the Milesians. Ériu is said to have promised that the land would be forever associated with them, and in response, the Milesians declared that the country would be named in her honor.