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Ffynnon Fawr

“Big Well”
Ffynnon Fach, Ffynnon Fair, Fyfnnon Fawr

Ffynnon Fawr is a historic well located in the Gower Peninsula of Wales, in the village of Llanrhidian. It is located near Arthur’s Stone.

Ffynnon Fawr has historical and cultural significance in the local area. It is believed to have been a sacred well with connections to pre-Christian times. In Welsh folklore, wells and springs were often associated with healing and supernatural qualities.

The well is dedicated to Saint Rhidian, a sixth-century saint who was said to have been born in Brittany and traveled to Wales as a missionary. He is associated with the early Christian history of the Gower Peninsula. In the past, Ffynnon Fawr was a destination for pilgrimages and was visited by people seeking healing and blessings. These pilgrimages were often conducted as part of religious practices.

The well is located in a stone structure (probably from the early nineteenth century), and it features an arched entrance. Inside the structure, there is a stone basin or pool that is traditionally associated with the well’s healing properties. The waters of this spring are supposed to run according to the ebb and flow of the nearby sea. The water used to be drunk from the palm of one hand while a wish was made.

It is said that the spectral figure of King Arthur appears from beneath the stone on nights with a full moon, though this seems to be true about almost all the many stones associated with Arthur.