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Fontaine des Duex Sycamores

“Spring of the Two Sycamores”
La Fontaine des deux Sycamors

This brook and the nearby castle would seem to have been somewhere in southern Scotland or northern Logres, possibly not far from Carteloise Forest. The brook, or fountain, was defended by two brothers, Sirs Belias and Briadas, sons of Sir Broades, who also had at least one daughter.

These two brothers, who wore black armor, were defending the place to demonstrate that they were good enough for the Round Table. Their story had an unhappy ending. Hearing that one of them had unhorsed GawaineLancelot came to encounter them, and ended up killing both them and their father.

Cadzow is one possible place in which Fontaine des Deux Sycamores may be located.

“Overhanging the brawling Avon [Scotland], and on the skirt of the noble chase which, with its wild cattle and ancient oaks, is all that now remains of that Caledoinan Forest, once haunted by Merlin, and which stretched from sea to sea, stands Cadzow Castle.”

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