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Breton: Gwazel
Gallo: Gaèu

This is a commune in Brittany, northwestern France.

There are a legends saying that the ruin of a chateau in Gaël, is said to be a residence of King Arthur. King Ban, father of Lancelot, was also said to have lived here.

Gaël Region | 0 to the 9th century AD

Celtic Inhabitation
The broader region of Brittany, including areas like Gaël, was inhabited by Celtic peoples before and during the Roman period.

Roman Influence
In the first century BC, the Romans gradually extended their control over Celtic territories, including present-day France. This led to the Romanization of the region.

Migration Period
The late antiquity and early medieval period saw migrations and invasions by various Germanic and Celtic groups. Brittany, being on the western edge of Europe, experienced these movements.

Breton Migrations | 6th – 7th centuries
Breton migrants from Armorica (Britain) sought refuge in Brittany, contributing to the cultural and demographic landscape.

The spread of Christianity in the region is associated with the establishment of monasteries and the work of missionaries. The Breton church became linked with the wider Christian world.

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