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Gaines, Ganys, Gaunes, Gausnes, Gawnes

A French land ruled by King Bors, and also the chief city within the land. Its creator may have intended Vannes in Brittany.

It is said to have bordered the kingdom of Benoic (Benwick) (ruled by Bors’ brother King Ban) and the land of King Claudas. Claudas invaded Gannes upon Bors’ death and assumed rulership, forcing Bors’ widow to flee to a nunnery.

The people of Gannes organized an only partially successful revolt against Claudas, but a later campaign by Arthur drove out Claudas and established Sir Bors (King Bors’ son) as its king. (The Stanzaic Morte Arthur says that Bors was appointed to the throne by Lancelot.)

In Malory, Bleoberis (King Bors’ godson) eventually becomes its king. Other knights, including Blamor and Lionel, called Gannes their homeland. The province’s abbey served as a healing place for Sir Lucan the Butler after he was injured by Tristan.

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