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Hill of Wretches

La Tertre as Caitis

Sir Druas defended this hill against all knights who tried to pass over it, killing or wounding them. If Druas was defeated, his dwarf would offer the victor a horn. Blowing this horn would bring Druas’ brother, Sornehan (Sorneham of Newcastle).

Sir Agravaine mounted the hill, encountered and killed Druas near a fountain, but – though forewarned – blew the horn when the dwarf offered it. Sornehan was sick at home, but, on hearing the horn, he rose and went out, despite the pleading of his young son not to go.

Sornehan defeated Agravaine and would have slain him, but a damsel happened to come by and asked Sornehan to her a favor. When he granted it unheard, she asked for Agravaine’s life, pointing out that thus Sornehan would save his own life, Agravaine being the brother of the great Gawaine.

Sornehan imprisoned Agravaine in the tower on the hill and enclosed the hill with a wall having only one gate, where was a warning that Sornehan would fight whomever mounted the hill. Later Sornehan defeated and imprisoned Gaheris when he trid to cross the hill. Sornehan’s niece, whom Gaheris had once saved, succored him and Agravaine secretly.

Gareth finally defeated Sornehan, rescued his brothers, and sent Sornehan as prisoner to the Lady of Roestoc. The hill, hitherto called le tertre as caitis, was henceforth called li tertres Agravaine.

Gareth’s sending Sornehan to the Lady of Roestoc suggests a northern site.

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