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Hryt Eselt

“Eselt’s Ford”
Isolt’s Ford, The Ford of Isolde

This place is mentioned in its Welsh form, Hryt Eselt, in a land charter of 967, which indicates that this place had significance in the medieval period, and the Welsh form of the name suggests Welsh influence or presence in the area.

The term Hryt Eselt suggests a ford (a shallow place in a river or stream that can be crossed) associated with Isolde.

The stream was on the Lizard peninsula in the parish of St. Keverne, a historic parish which is known for its medieval church. The Lizard peninsula is known for its rugged coastline and historical associations. It is situated in the southern part of Cornwall and is known for its unique geology and flora.

Lizard is probably a corruption of the Cornish name Lys Ardh, which means “high court”, and the original Celtic name for the peninsula may have been Predannack, meaning “British one.”