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Île Aval

“Aval Island”
Breton: Enez-Aval
French: Ile d’Aval

Île Aval is an island in Brittany.

According to a legend, King Arthur’s tomb is located at the foot of a menhir (a standing stone). When Arthur was mortally wounded at the Battle of Camlann, Morgan le Fay came to take Arthur to Avalon.

According to the Breton legend, Arthur and his wife Guenevere resided in their castle at Kerduel in Little Brittany each spring. In the middle of the night, Morgan kidnaped Arthur to take him to the island of Aval, offering him her love and eternal life.

In one version of the legend, Arthur told Morgan of his wish to see his kingdoms again. Morgan obliged, with the condition that he be transformed into a crow to fly over them. Legend has it that if one day Brittany was in great peril, Morgan would set Arthur free to return to his lands.

aval, meaning apple in Breton.