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Lemuria is a legendary and mythical lost continent that has been the subject of various folklore and pseudoscientific beliefs. The concept of Lemuria has evolved over time, and it has been associated with different cultures and ideas.

Occultists believed that this continent once existed in the Pacific Ocean and to have sunk beneath the sea. Some occultists maintain that Uther Pendragon was of partially Lemurian descent.

Origins of the legend
The concept of Lemuria was first proposed in the mid nineteenth century by the British geologist Philip Sclater. He suggested that there must have been a land bridge or continent that once connected India and Madagascar to explain the distribution of lemurs in the region.

Atlantis Parallels
Lemuria is often compared to the legendary lost continent of Atlantis. Both are said to have been highly advanced civilizations that met with a catastrophic end and disappeared beneath the ocean. However, Atlantis is a far more prominent and widely recognized legend.

Theosophical Beliefs
The Theosophical Society, founded in the late nineteenth century by Helena Blavatsky, incorporated the concept of Lemuria into its teachings. According to Theosophy, Lemuria was a spiritually advanced, ancient civilization that predated Atlantis and eventually sank beneath the Indian Ocean.

Pseudoscientific Notions
Some pseudoscientific and fringe theories suggest that Lemuria was a real continent with advanced technology and a highly evolved society. These ideas are not supported by credible scientific evidence.

Influence on Popular Culture
Lemura has made appearances in various works of fiction, literature, and popular culture. It is often portrayed as a lost and mysterious world with hidden knowledge or treasures.

New Age Beliefs
In New Age and esoteric beliefs, Lemuria is sometimes associated with spiritual enlightenment and the idea of an utopian society that existed in ancient times.

Continued Interest
Despite lacking scientific credibility, the legend of Lemuria continues to captivate the imaginations of some individuals interested in ancient mysteries and lost civilizations.