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Limerick is a city located in the province of Munster, Ireland.

The capital of Ireland in the French Durmart le Gallois. It was besieged by the evil Nogant, but saved by the knight Durmart.

Limerick | 0 to 900 AD

Prehistoric and Early Christian Periods
The area around Limerick has evidence of human habitation dating back thousands of years. Prehistoric sites and artifacts have been discovered in the region, indicating a long history of human presence.

With the arrival of Christianity in Ireland in the fifth and sixth centuries, Limerick and its surrounding areas would have been influenced by the spread of Christian monastic communities and the establishment of churches.

Viking Period | 9th to 10th centuries
In the ninth century, Viking raiders and traders established settlements along the coast of Ireland, including Limerick. The Vikings created a trading network and a presence in the region, which influenced the local culture and economy. The Vikings established a fortified settlement at Limerick, which they called “Hlymrek.” The presence of the Vikings in Limerick is reflected in the city’s name.

Durmart le Gallois | Early 13th century