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A historical region of west central France, in the province of Guienne.

It was owned by Lancelot, who bestowed it on Sir Blanor of Gannes (Blamore de Ganis) in return for Blanor’s support in the battles against King Arthur.

Limousin | 0 to 800 AD

Roman Influence | 1st century BC to 5th century AD
During the late Roman Republic and early Roman Empire, the Limousin region was incorporated into the Roman province of Aquitania. Roman influence brought infrastructure development, including roads, bridges, and towns, as well as Roman cultural elements such as Latin language and Roman customs.

Roman Decline and Barbarian Invasions | 3rd to 5th centuries AD
The decline of the Western Roman Empire in the third and fourth centuries led to increased vulnerability to barbarian invasions. Limousin, like many Roman provinces, faced incursions by various Germanic and barbarian groups, including the Vandals and Visigoths.

Visigothic Influence | 5th to 8th centuries AD
The Visigoths, a Germanic tribe, established their control over parts of Aquitania, including Limousin, in the fifth century. The Visigothic Kingdom influenced the region’s governance, culture, and legal systems.

Frankish Expansion | 8th century AD
In the late eighth century, the Franks, another Germanic people, expanded their rule into Aquitaine, including Limousin. The Frankish Empire, under Charlemagne, sought to consolidate control over the region, marking the beginning of Frankish rule in Limousin.

During this period, Christianity began to spread throughout the Limousin region. Christian communities and monastic centers played a significant role in the religious and cultural life of the area.

Le Morte Darthur | Sir Thomas Malory, 1469-1470