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Listeneise, Lestenois, Listenoise, Listinois, Listonei, Listoneis, Lystenois, Lystenoys, Lystenoyse, Lytenois

Another name for the Grail Kingdom, as introduced in the Vulgate Merlin and Post-Vulgate Suite du Merlin. Its relationship with the Strange Land (the Grail Kingdom in the other Vulgate stories) is uncertain. Possibly, they are the same land, or one is a smaller dominion within the other. Listenois became the Waste Land after the Dolorous Stroke.

The country was ruled by the line of Grail Kings or Fisher Kings, including Pellehan and Pelles. In several instances, Alan (Alain the Large) and Pellinore are called kings of Listenois, but as they are Pelles’ brothers, the statements can be reconciled. The country’s main feature was Corbenic (Carbonek), the Grail Castle. Listenois was the home of the knights Eliezer (Eliezier), ClaalantFelot, and Bryan (Brian).

An unnamed King of Listenois, in Malory, opposes Arthur at the tournament at Leverzep.

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