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Llyn Barfog

“The Bearded Lake”

A small, picturesque lake located in the county of Gwynedd in Wales, not far from Aberystwyth.

The lake’s name, Llyn Barfog, is believed to originate from the local folklore and legends associated with the lake. One of the most famous tales connected to the lake involves a mythical creature known as the “Bearded One of Llyn Barfog” or “Llyn Barfog’s Water Bull.” It is often depicted with shaggy hair or a beard.

According to local tradition, Arthur killed a monster (possibly an afanc) on the shores of the lake. The monster terrorized the people of Aberdyfi, killing anyone who came too close to the waters. It caused floods by thrashing its tail and pillageing the farmlands. Arthur’s horse Llamrei left a hoofprint in a rock there.