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Macedonia is a landlocked country located in southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula.

In Godfrey of Viterbo’s Pantheon, the Saxons who invade Britain during the reign of Vortigern and Uther are identified implausibly with Macedonians.

Macedonia also appears in Malory as a land allied with Lucius, Arthur’s enemy in the Roman War.

Macedonia | 2nd century BC to 800 AD

Roman Rule | 2nd century BC to 4th century AD
The region of Macedonia, including what is now North Macedonia, was initially part of the Roman Republic and later the Roman Empire. The Romans established towns and infrastructure in the area, including roads and fortifications. Major cities like Skupi (Skopje) and Heraclea Lyncestis (Bitola) flourished during this period.

Spread of Christianity | 1st to 4th centuries AD
Christianity began to spread across the region, and several early Christian communities were established. The city of Ohrid, in particular, is known for its early Christian heritage. In the fourth century AD, under Emperor Constantine the Great, Christianity was officially recognized and became the dominant religion within the Roman Empire.

Arrival of Slavic Peoples | 6th century AD
In the sixth century, Slavic tribes began migrating into the Balkan Peninsula, including the region of Macedonia. The Slavic migrations had a significant impact on the cultural and linguistic landscape of the region, as Slavic languages and customs became more prevalent.

Byzantine Rule | 4th to 7th centuries AD
After the division of the Roman Empire, the eastern part, known as the Byzantine Empire, included the Macedonian region. The Byzantine Empire exerted its influence over the region, and it remained under Byzantine control for several centuries.

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