Malahot, Malaot, Malehault, Malehaut, Malehot, Malevent, Maloalto, Maloant, Maloat, Maloaut, Malohaut, Malohier, Malonant, Melyhalt, Mimalto, Molehaut

A city of Arthurian Britain, called La Puis de Malohaut, supposedly in the realm of the King with the Hundred Knights, and its lord was called Danain the Red. His wife, Bloie, the Lady of Malehaut, was the lover of Belinant and the mother of Dodinel.

Elsewhere Bloie is called Eglante. She became Duke Galeholt’s paramour. Perhaps Bloie, when widowed, acted as vice-regent for the King with the Hundred Knights. The location of this subkingdom is unknown.