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Merioneth, Merionethshire

Meirionydd is a historic county in northwestern Wales, in the region of Gwynedd.

Rulers in the Arthurian period would have been (dates approximate):

  • Marianus | 490
  • Catgualart | 510
  • Gwrm | 530

Meirionydd | 0 to 800 AD

Celtic Inhabitants
Meirionydd, like other parts of Wales, was inhabited by Celtic tribes during this period. These tribes were part of the larger Celtic culture and spoke Brythonic languages, a precursor to Welsh.

Roman Influence
Prior to 0 AD, the region of Wales was under Roman rule as part of the province of Britannia. The Romans established roads, forts, and settlements in the area. Roman influence on the local culture is evident in archaeological remains.

Post-Roman Period
After the decline and withdrawal of Roman forces from Britain in the early fifth century, the region experienced a degree of fragmentation. It became part of the territory traditionally associated with the Celtic Britons.

Early Kingdoms and Kingdom of Gwynedd
During the early medieval period, Wales was divided into several small tribal kingdoms or territories, each ruled by a local chieftain. Meirionydd was likely part of one of these territories. Over time, the Kingdom of Gwynedd emerged as one of the dominant kingdoms in northwestern Wales. It eventually came to include Meirionydd.

The spread of Christianity in Wales began during this period, influenced by Christian missionaries. Monastic communities and churches were established, contributing to the Christianization of the region.

Viking Incursions
Towards the end of the eighth and into the ninth century, Viking raids and incursions began to affect parts of Wales. While Meirionydd is not mentioned specifically in the historical accounts of Viking raids, it was part of the wider context of Viking activity in the British Isles.