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Merlin’s Spring

Fountain of Barenton

The Fountain of Barenton is a legendary natural spring located in Brittany, France.

According to Arthurian legend, Viviane, a beautiful and enchanting woman, met Merlin near the Fountain of Barenton in the Brocéliande Forest, which is known for its mystical and magical reputation. In some versions of the story, Viviane was Merlin’s apprentice and, in others, she was entrusted with his magical powers. Their meeting at the Fountain of Barenton marked the beginning of their relationship.

The legend goes on to tell that Viviane used her enchantment to imprison or entrap Merlin, often within a cave or under a stone, thus ending his role as a powerful wizard.

The idea of pilgrimages to specific sites with reputed healing powers is not uncommon in history. In the case of Merlin’s Spring, its plausible that people may have believed in the spring’s healing properties and made pilgrimages there. It is said that the Vatican stopped the pilgrimages to this site in 1853, but I have not found any source to confirm this.

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