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Welsh: Trefaldwyn

Montgomery is a historic town situated in the eastern part of Powys, Wales.

Steve Blake and Scott Lloyd, historians and writers, argue that we have here the original of Arthur’s Camelot. It stands adjacent to the Rivers Camlad and Severn. The Camlad was sometimes referred to as the Camalet, Camlet, Kemelet, and so on.

Montgomery | 0 to 800 AD

The recorded history of Montgomery, as with many ancient settlements, is limited during this period.

Celtic and Roman Period
Prior to the arrival of the Romans in Britain in the first century AD, the area that is now Wales was inhabited by Celtic tribes. The Romans established control over much of Wales during their occupation, and they built forts and roads in the region. While Montgomery is not specifically mentioned in historical records from this period, it was likely part of the broader Roman-occupied territory.

Post-Roman Period
After the Roman withdrawal from Britain in the early fifth century, Wales experienced a period of transition. Local rulers and kingdoms emerged, and the region saw increased interaction with Celtic cultures. Montgomery, like other areas in Wales, would have been influenced by these developments.

Early Christian Influence
During the early medieval period, the spread of Christianity began to shape the landscape of Wales. Monastic communities and churches were established, and some of the earliest Christian sites in Wales dates from this time. While specific information about Montgomery during this period is scarce, it’s likely that early Christian influence reached the region.

Anglo-Saxon and Viking Incursions
Wales, including the border regions where Montgomery is located, experienced incursions by Anglo-Saxon and Viking forces during the early medieval period. These invasions had a significant impact on the political and cultural landscape of the region.

Emergence of Welsh Kingdoms
By the later part of the early medieval period, distinct Welsh kingdoms began to take shape. Montgomery may have been a part of the Kingdom of Powys or influenced by neighboring kingdoms.