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“Wild Mountain”

The mountain where the Grail Castle stood in Wolfram’s Parzival, inhabited by Anfortas (Wolfram’s Fisher King) and the Grail Family.

It was located in the land known as “Terre de Salvæsche,” or “wild land.” It was known for producing excellent horses, which were ridden by the Templars, the castle’s guardians. One of these horses, Gringolet, was eventually owned by Gawain.

Besides the Templars, Munsalvæsche was defended by the simple fact that it was almost impossible to find. Perceval journeyed to Munsalvæsche twice. He completed the quest the second time and became the new Grail King.

In German, the castle would be called “Wildenberg,” and internal evidence suggests that Wolfram wrote in a German castle called Wildenberg, in the Odenwald. Wolfram’s home were Wildenberc, modern Wehlenberg, near Ansbach.

Parzival | Wolfram von Eschenbach, 1200–1210