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Norgales, Norgalis

An Arthurian kingdom that appears to be identifiable with North Wales, but that might, at least at times, have been used to identify a north Briton kingdom, say Strathclyde, for it was said to have been near to Northumberland.

The Estoire del Sainte Graal names an early king of this realm as Coudel, who fell while fighting the Christians. Wolfram von Eschenbach makes its ruler Herzeloyde (Herselojde), while it is, elsewhere, given kings named Cradelment (Cradelmas) and Alois.

This kingdom may have its origin in the realm ruled by a king named Cadwallon (Catwallaun Law-Hir), said to have ruled the Vendotii (Venetii) (according to Geoffrey) during the traditional Arthurian period.