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Pomparles Bridge

“Perilous Bridge”
Pons Perilis, Pont Perilleux, Pontperlus

South of Glastonbury, the Pomparles Bridge crosses the River Brue.

The idea that the region, including the area around Pomparles Bridge, was once covered with water and that Glastonbury Tor was like an island is consistent with the geological and historical features of the region.

The connection to the Isle of Avalon, where King Arthur is said to have been taken for healing after the Battle of Camlann, adds a legendary and mythical dimension to the area. There is an Excalibur legend concerning Pomparles Bridge further ties the site to the Arthurian myths, particularly the famous sword associated to Arthur.

Could this be the place where Excalibur was thrown when it was returned to the Lady of the Lake?

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