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Portsmouth is a historic city located on the south coast of England, on the English Channel.

King Ban of Benoic and King Bors of Gannes landed here on their way to join Arthur in Britain.

Portsmouth | 0 to 800 AD

Roman Period | 43 – 410 AD
The Roman invasion of Britain in 43 AD marked the beginning of Roman rule. Portsmouth was likely influenced by Roman presence and activities. Roman settlements and roads might have contributed to the development of local communities.

Sub-Roman Period | 410 – 600 AD
With the decline of Roman authority in the early fifth century, Britain entered a period often referred to as the Sub-Roman or Early Medieval period. This period saw changes in governance, with the withdrawal of Roman administration and the emergence of local political structures.

Anglo-Saxon Influence | 6th – 7th centuries AD
The Anglo-Saxons, a group of Germanic tribes, gradually migrated and settled in various parts of Britain, including the southern coast. The specific details of settlements and developments in the Portsmouth area during this time is not well-documented.

Viking Invasions | 8th – 9th centuries AD
In the later part of the eighth century, the Viking invasions began to impact the British Isles. Viking raids and settlements occured along the southern and eastern coasts. Portsmouth might have experienced the effects of Viking activities, including raids and trade.

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