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Rennes is a city located in Brittany, France.

It was, according to Geoffrey of Monmouth, conquered by Maximus in the fifth century.

Rennes | 0 to 800 AD

Roman Period | c. 0 – 400 AD
Rennes, also known as Condate during the Roman era, was part of the Roman province of Gallia Lugdunensis. It served as a significant Roman settlement and was strategically located at the confluence of the Ille and Vilaine rivers. The Romans established roads connecting Condate to other major cities in the region.

Transition Period | c. 400 – 500 AD
As the Roman Empire declined, the region faced invasions and upheavals by various Germanic and Frankish tribes. Rennes, like many Roman towns, experienced a period of instability and change as the power dynamics shifted.

Merovingian Period | c. 500 – 751 AD
The Merovingian Franks, under the leadership of Clovis I, established control over the region, and Rennes became part of the Frankish Kingdom. The Merovingian period saw the spread of Christianity in the region. Churches and monasteries began to play a more prominent role in the local landscape.

Carolingian Period | c. 751 – 800 AD
With the establishment of the Carolingian Dynasty, the Frankish Kingdom expanded and underwent further Christianization. The Carolingian rulers, such as Charlemagne, continued to influence the region, and Rennes likely saw developments in administration and governance. During this time, the town may have developed its medieval charachter, with the construction of churches and fortifications.

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