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Saintonge is a region in western France, situated along the Atlantic coast.

This area was owned by Lancelot.

Lancelot made Sir Galehodin the duke of Saintonge in return for Galehodin’s support in the battles against King Arthur.

Saintonge | 0 to 9th century AD

Roman Period | 1st century BC – 5th century AD
Saintonge was part of Roman Gaul. During this period, it witnessed Romanization with the construction of roads, bridges, and other infrastructure. The Roman town of Saintes (Mediolanum Santonum) became a significant urban center.

Migration Period | 5th century AD
With the decline of Roman rule and the onset of the Migration Period, Saintonge, like many regions in Gaul, experienced the influence of various Germanic tribes, including the Visigoths.

Merovingian Period | 5th – 8th century AD
The Merovingian Franks established control over much of Gaul. Saintonge became part of the Frankish Kingdom. In the sixth century, under the Merovingian dynasty, there were efforts to Christianize the region, and monastic foundations began to emerge.

Carolingian Period | 8th – 9th century AD
With the rise of the Carolingian dynasty, particularly under Charlemagne, the Frankish Kingdom expanded. The region continued to be influenced by Carolingian rule. The establishment of monasteries and the spread of Christianity became more pronounced during this period.

Viking Raids | Late 8th – 9th century AD
Like many coastal areas in Western Europe, Saintonge faced Viking raids during the ninth century. Coastal regions were particularly vulnerable to these raids, and local communities often had to defend themselves against Viking incursions.

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