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Sennen’s Well

Saint Sennen’s Well

A well, located close to the beach Sennen’s Cove in south Cornwall.

Blight tells us that there once were an ancient chapel at Sennen Cove, called Chapel Idne. According to tradition, it was built by one Lord of Goonhilly who possessed a part of the land of Lyonesse.

In Robert Hunt’s book he describes how the Danes came, attempting to invade Britain, presumably at Vellendrucher. Arthur and nine other kings fought them and drove the Danes back. With the help of a nameless holy woman used magic to prevent the Danes from escaping. King Arthur and the other kings

pledged each other in the holy water from St Sennen's Well, they returned thanks for their victory in St. Sennen's Chapel, and dines that day on the Table-man.

Merlin was present and proclaimed, when the feast were coming to an end:

The northmen wild once more shall land,
And leave their bones on Escol's sand.
The soil of Vellan-Druchar's plain
Again shall take a sanguine stain;
And o'er the mill-wheel roll a flood
OF Danish mix'd with Cornish blood.
When thus the vanquish'd find no tomb,
Expect the dreadful day of doom.

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