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Spring of Marvels

French: Fontaine des Merveilles | “Fountain of Marvels”

The Spring of Marvels, also known as Fountain of Marvels, is a notable element within the Suite du Merlin. At this magical spring Erec defeated Mordred, and its enchantments were ended by Galahad.

The Spring of Marvels is often described as a supernatural or magical fountain located in a mysterious and enchanted realm. The precise location can vary in different adaptations of the Arthurian legend. Similar to other magical springs in Arthurian literature, the Spring of Marvels is said to have extraordinary and transformative powers. Bathing in or drinking from the spring may confer special abilities, or changes to those who encounter it.

The Spring of Marvels typically plays a narrative role in the adventures of knights in characters within the Suite du Merlin. Knights may seek out the spring as part of their quests, hoping to gain its magical benefits.

Like many elements in Arthurian romance, the Spring of Marvels may also carry symbolic meanings. It could symbolize the mysterious and transformative nature of the medieval world, the quest for spiritual insight, or the idea of a magical and idealized realm.

Post-Vulgate Suite du Merlin | 1230-1240