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Stone Circle

If Stonehenge could be called a pre-Christian cathedral, this small antiquity near Land’s End might be called a pre-Christian chapel, and is included as an example of such.

If you drew a line from Newlyn or Mousehole to Saint Just, westernmost Cornwall, the Stone Circle would be in just the middle of the land thus marked off. Phyllis Ann Karr visited this one several years ago:

I had a devil of a time finding it – had to go through a cow field or two – and have had a devil of a time relocating what I think to be the same one on my Ordnance Survey map of Land’s End.

The antiquity had been cleared out during the early part of our century, and apparently not since. The stones were each one about as tall as a person, and the circle perhaps as large in area as a good-sized living room; it was a very regular circle, in a good state of preservation, much overgrown with weeds and nettles.