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Stone of Echymeint

In one version of the story, King Arthur and his queen, Guenevere (Gwen Pendragon), are at odds over an undisclosed matter. During this time of tension, Guenevere, feeling betrayed or angered by Arthur, decides to take action against him.

Guenevere seeks help of a sorceress or enchantress known as Gwenhwyfar, who uses her magical powers to create a prison beneath the Stone of Echymeint, and she tricks Arthur into entering it. The prison is enchanted in such a way that once Arthur is inside, he becomes trapped, unable to escape. For three nights, Arthur remains imprisoned under the Stone of Echymeint, isolated from the outside world and cut off from his kingdom and allies.

However, Arthur’s loyal and valiant warrior Goreu learns of his king’s predictament. Determined to save Arthur, Goreu sets out on a daring rescue mission. Goreu confronts Gwenhwyfar and overcomes her magical defenses. He successfully reaches the Stone of Echymeint and manages to free Arthur from his prison.

After being rescued by Goreu, Arthur is reunited with his queen, and the tension between them is resolved. The exact resolution of the conflict that led to Arthur’s imprisonment and the aftermath of the event may vary depending on different versions of the story.

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