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Chief castle and city of King Ban of Benoic, Lancelot’s father. It was situated between the Loire and Arsone Rivers. Near Trebes was Bois en Val, site of The Lake where the Damsel of the Lake raised Lancelot.

It was the site of an epic battle in which Arthur, Ban, and Bors fought King Claudas, the king of Gaul, Frollo, and Pontius Anthony. Claudas was defeated, but he returned years later and conquered all of Benoic (Benwick) except Trebe, which was too well defended.

King Ban eventually left the city to seek help from Arthur, and his seneschal immediately betrayed him by opening the gates to Claudas. Claudas razed the city and castle. From a hilltop, Ban saw his beloved city burning and died from heartbreak. Claudas restored the castle. It was re-captured by Arthur’s forces just prior to the Grail Quest.

Malory identifies Benwick, King Ban’s country, as Beaune or Bayonne. In southern France, in the region of Occitaine, there is a picturesque town called Trèbes, which might be the location?

Lancelot do Lac | 1215-1220
Vulgate Lancelot | 1215-1230
Vulgate Merlin | 1220-1235