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Breton: Landreger
Tigel, Striguel

Tréguier is a town located in the Brittany region of northwestern France.

It was ruled by Kimmarcoch, a vassal of King Hoel of Brittany and, consequently, of King Arthur.

Tréguier | 0 to 9th century AD

Celtic and Roman Influence
The region that is now Brittany was originally inhabited by Celtic tribes. During the first century BC, the area was gradually incorporated into the Roman Empire. The Roman influence brought with it Latin culture, road networks, and urbanization.

Transition to the Early Medieval Period
With the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the fifth century, the region underwent changes as the Roman presence waned. The Bretons, a Celtic people, gradually established themselves in what is now Brittany, retaining their language and cultural traditions.

Celtic Christianity
The spread of Christianity reached Brittany during the early medieval period. Saints such as Saint Tugdual, who later became the patron saint of Tréguier, played a singificant role in the Christianization of the region.

Formation of Brittany
By the ninth century, Brittany had become a distinct political and cultural entity. It was founded as the Kingdom of Brittany, and it encompassed a larger area than the modern administrative region of Brittany. This kingdom had its own kings and played a role in the broader geopolitical landscape.

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