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Tweedsmuir is a small village in the Scottish Borders region of Scotland.

Along a road in the vicinity of Tweedsmuir, three standing stones can be seen. The largest of the stones is known as the “Giant’s Stone.” According to tradition, this stone may have been part of a cromlech or a Druid stone circle in ancient times.

The legend tells the story of a giant who terrorized the area, causing fear and havoc among the local population. One day, the giant was confronted and killed by an archer, who is often identified as Jack the Giant-Killer. During the confrontation with the giant, Jack used the Giant’s Stone to hide behind as a shield during the battle. However, he was struck by a mortal blow during the fight.

It is said that the three stones mark the burial site of Jack. In the late eighteenth century, a grave was purportedly discovered near the Giant’s Stone, covered with a large flagstone. Inside the grave was a cinerary urn, suggesting that it may have been the final resting place of Jack.

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