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Nambire, Nambires, Uandeberes, Vadibire, Valdesbires, Vanbieres, Vandeberes, Vandebieres, Vendeberes, Vendebieres, Vieresanb, Wandeberes, Wandlesbiri, Wandesborow

A very strong city, apparently near the city of the Castle of Clarence, besieged by the Saxons or Saracens in the beginning of Arthur’s reign.

Vambieres was well-defended and was surrounded by moats. The Saxons burned the city and starved its residents but it was never captured. The siege forced the kings in rebellion against Arthur to abandon their revolt and return home. Arthur and his knights were involved in several skirmishes against the Saxons outside the gates. The Saxons finally abandoned the siege to channel their forces to the battle of Clarence, where they were destroyed.

Arthur gave the city to his nephew Yvain (Ywaine).

Scribal errors
Estreberes, Estribelais

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