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Dindesores, Guindesores, Guindresores, Hinguesores, Iguesores, Lindesores, Manaches en Winguesores, Manaseles en Windesores, Maneseles en Hinguesores, Mavasseles en Iguesores, Sinados, Uindesores, Vandaliors, Vindesores, Wandesborow, Windesores, Winguesores

A town or a castle. Its lord was Sinados.

It may be identical with WandesborowVandaliors, or both. Perhaps more likely, it may be a variant spelling for Windsor.

Norden lists a Windsore which is a mile or two inland from New Quay, on the north coast of Cornwall,

the howse of Mr. Windesore, situate amonge the minerall hills.

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