1. Agravadain des Vaus des Galoire
    Adragan(?); Gravadain du Chastel Fort, - des Vaus de Galore; Agravadain of the Vales of Galore, - des Vals de Galore, - des Vals de Galone

    A Knight of the Round Table and brother of Belias.

    His companions were Moneval and Minoras the Wicked. The trio took a friendly rivalry between the Round Table and the Queen's Knights too far, and they deliberately sought out three Queen's Knights to attack. Agravadain was wounded by Sagremor (Sagramore) in the battle, but other knights fortunately intervened before any lives were lost. He died soon afterwards, and was replaced at the Round Table by Banin. Galore may indicate Galloway.

    He is said to have been the castellan of the castle Des Mares. Merlin caused King Ban to sleep with Agravadain's daughter, the Damsel des Mares, while on a visit. This coupling resulted in Sir Ector de Maris.

    After Agravadain's death, his son became castellan of Des Mares.

  2. Agravadain dou Chastel Fort
    Gravadain dou Chastel Fort, Agravadain de Chastel Fort, Agravadains

    Lord of the Stronge Castell (Strong Castle). He might be identical with Agravadain des Vaus des Galoire.

  3. Agravadain the Black

    A vassal of Arthur and Lord of the Castle of the Fens.

    His daughter was desired by Merlin, and then, because of an enchantment cast by Merlin, by King Ban of Benoic, who slept with her and fathered Hector. Because of her lost virginity, Agravadain had to deter any suitors. One of them, Sir Leriador, was so angry that he besieged the Castle of the Fens, but Agravadain triumphed.