1. Belias
    Red Knight of Estremores | Belynans

    An enemy of Arthur, known as the Red Knight of Estremores.

    His brother, Agravadain, was a Knight of the Round Table.

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    Raolais of Estremores | The Legend of King Arthur

  2. Belias

    A knight who lived "to find Escoce". In his prison he held Hector, whom was delivered by Gawain who fought Belias' two sons.

  3. Belias of Doves
    Belias li dus de Doves

    A duke who joined the rebellion against Arthur in the early days of the king's reign. He later allied with Arthur in order to destroy the invading Saxons at Clarence.

  4. Belias the Amorous
    Belias du Chastel au Puceles, Belias de Amerous of Maydons Castell, Holias

    Lord of the Castle of Maidens. In Arthur's service, he led a company of soldiers in the battle of Bedegraine, against kings in rebellion against Arthur, and at Carhaix, against Rions (Ryons) and the Saxons.

  5. Belias the Black
    Belyas li Noirs, Delyas, Helias

    A strong knight who guarded the Spring of the Two Sycamores.

    He detested the Knights of the Round Table because he had been denited admittance to their order. He was an excellent jouster, and he unhorsed, among others, Gawaine and Yvain. This prompted a whole host of knights to embark from Arthur's court to find and challenge Belias. One of them, Sarras, led Lancelot to the Spring.

    After Sarras himself was defeated, Lancelot jousted with Belias and won, mortally wounding him. Lancelot was later challenged by Briadas, Belias's brother, and Broadas, his father.