Arondel. Arondell, Arundell, Arundels, Randol, Randoll

The duchy ruled by Tristan’s father-in-law Jovelin (Havelin), father of Isolde of the White Hands in Gottfried’s Tristan. Its capital was Karke.

Other writers make Isolde’s homeland Brittany, but Gottfried apparently changed it to Arundel since he had already given Morgan as the Duke of Brittany. Nevertheless, he erroneously places Arundel next to Brittany and Parmenie, across the English Channel from Britain. The actual Arundel lies along the Arun River in southern West Sussex, England.

The Vulgate Merlin, which seems to place Arundel in Wales, says that it was the site of a crucial battle between the kings in rebellion against Arthur.- led by King Tradelmant of North Wales - and the Saxons. The Saxons were routed and fled to Saxon Rock.

A second battle at Arundel involving King Yder, Yvain, and Gawain against the Saxons resulted in a defeat. Merlin, however, warned Gawain to withdraw his forces from the field in time, and Gawain managed to save the castle and fortify it with a garrison.

The story of Arthour and Merlin, which equates Arundel with Cambenic, places it in Cornwall and gives its ruler as Duke Escant. In Durmart le Gallois, it is ruled by Count Briains.