1. Camille

    The daughter of the pagan British King Orcant of Orkney. She found Peter, a follower of Joseph of Arimathea, wounded near her fatherís castle. Taking pity on him, she arranged for a Christian in her fatherís prison to be released long enough to heal Peter.

    Peter later championed her father against King Luce; his victory secured Orcant and Camilleís conversion to Christianity. Camille and Peter married and had a son named Herlan. Gawaine was one of their descendants.

  2. Camille
    Camyle, Canile, Carmile, Carnile, Carnyle, Carvile, Caville, Cramile, Gamile, Gamille, Ganille, Kanille

    An enchantress of Saxon descent, she held the castle of La Roche and helped her people against Arthur. At the same time she loved Arthur - which did not prevent her having a lover, Gadrasolain, in the castle, and threw his lady into her prison.

    After a battle with the Saxons, Arthur accepted an invitation to visit Camille in La Roche. He had a good time with her, but afterward he and Gaheris were captured with the help of Camilles brother, the Saxon king Hargodabrans, and forty knights. For her brotherís sake, Gamille used Arthurís affections to manipulate him into her prison, where he remained until rescued by Lancelot.

    A damsel of Camille's went to Lancelot, Duke Galeholt, Gawaine, and Ector de Maris, telling them that Camille meant to convey Arthur to Ireland. These four knights came into La Roche to save Arthur. The damsel's tale had been a ruse which enabled Camille to capture them also.

    She released Lancelot, however, who was demented with grief at being captured. Lancelot, wearing Arthur's arms and using Arthur's sword Sequence, grievously wounded Hargodabrans in battle and then penetrated into La Roche, where he killed Gadrasolain and many others, and freed Arthur with his companions. Threatening to kill Camille unless she surrendered the castle, Arthur left Gawaine, whom she feared more than any other knight, in charge of La Roche.

    Kay found a former sweetheart of Gadrasolain's. This damsel, whom Camille had kept imprisoned for three years, warned Kay that if Camille escaped with her books and boxes all was lost. Kay burned the books and boxes. Camille, to Arthur's grief, threw herself from the rocks and perished (Christopher Bruce says she survived with injury). It was after this episode that Lancelot, Galeholt, and Ector became members of Arthur's court (and of the Round Table at once?).

  3. Camille

    One of Isolde's maidservants.

  4. Camille with the White Throat

    In Henrich's Diu CrŰne, a lady at Arthur's court who failed a chastity test.