1. Castel del Molin

      Seemingly a castle of King Marboar's, whose territory was apparently on the way to Estrangore.

      Two leagues from Molin was a castle of which Count Thanaguis was lord. Do not confuse him with Duke Brandelis of Taningues.

    2. Castel del Trespas
      le Chastel du Trespas

      Ywaine was imprisoned here. [More]

    3. Castel of the Hevy Sorow
      Castle of Most Ill Adventure, Chastel de Pesme Aventure, Encounter with Adventure

      A castle visited by Yvain in Chrétien’s Yvain and its adaptations. Finding its inhabitants in tears, Yvain inquired and discovered that the maidens of the castle were doomed to be delivered to a pair of fiends. The castle’s custom was that any knight who stopped there had to joust with the fiends, facing death or imprisonment if he lost.

      One clever king, known in Chrétien as the King of the Island of Maidens and in the Norse Ivens Saga as King Reinion, avoided this fate by promising to send 30 of his most beautiful maidens to the monsters each year. Yvain freed the castle of this contract by defeating the fiends. The king of the Castle wanted Yvain to marry his daughter, but Yvain refused and departed.

      In the Middle-English Ywain and Gawain, the castle is called the Castel of the Hevy Sorow, while Ivens Saga calls it the Encounter with Adventure.

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