1. Felix

      The Roman governor of Judea and Syria in the time of Joseph of Arimathea.

      The Roman Emperor Vespasian, searching for a leprosy cure, charged Felix to find an artifact which had belonged to Christ. As a young knight, King Evalach of Sarras (Evelake, later Mordrains) served in Felixís court.

    2. Felix

      Count of Syria.

    3. Felix
      Felissi, Filicie, Pelis

      In the Prose Tristan, the father of King Mark, whom he preceded as ruler of Cornwall. He also had a son named Pernehan. In Tristano Riccardiano he is the father of Meliodas and Mark. In Tavola Ritonda, Felix was King of Cornwall and Liones. In Malory, Meliodas and Mark were brothers-in-law.

      In Tristan, his daughter, Elyabel, becomes Tristanís (Tristram) mother, while Italian romance says that Felix was the father of Meliadus, Tristanís father.

      Tristan characterizes him as an evil, ruthless ruler who was condemned in the church of Norholt. Italian romance provides an opposite description, calling him a good king. The second son of King Baralis of Cornwall and Lyonesse, Felix became heir to the former when his older brother, Feriando, died as a youth. He was attacked by King Dilianfer of Ireland, who sacked Tintagel, causing Felix to die from heartbreak.