1. Flor de Lis

      A maiden who served Morgan le Fay.

      When Morgan kidnapped the child of Lord Berengier and extorted Berengierís love, Flor de Lis offered to help Berengier and his child escape, provided Berengier would marry her. Berengier agreed, and the three of them fled to Berengierís land of Gomeret.

    2. Flor de Mont

      Queen of the Kingdom of Damsels, which she inherited from her father, King Beauvoisin.

      Her fatherís wicked steward usurped the kingdom and imprisoned Flor de Mont in the Fearless Keep. One of Flor de Montís ladies sought out Arthur, who was disguised as the Knight of the Parrot. Arthur slew the steward at his Perilous Castle and restored Flor de Mont to her throne.

    3. Flor Desiree

      Daughter of the Viscount of Pavengay in Ireland.

      One of the viscountís brutish neighbors, Lord Savari of Ruiste Valee, intended to take Flor Desiree for his concubine, but Lancelot - who happened to lodge with the viscount on his way to Rigomer - slew Savari and saved Flor Desiree from this fate. Flor Desireeís birth name was Ingle.